Erase Repair HA: Wrinkles gone in 14 days

You hate the wrinkles on your face as they declare your age even before you speak a word. In fact, they make you look older than you are. If someone says you can get rid of your wrinkles in 14 days, you ridicule him as you believe it is not possible. You have tried many home recipes and also used cosmetic products but failed to get rid of your signs of aging. But it is a fact and the product that will help you achieve your goal is Erase Repair HA. It is an anti aging cream from Beauty & Truth, a company that has to its credit many tried and trusted beauty products.


Many people wonder what erase repair contains to get rid of wrinkles so easily. Well, the secret lies in its main ingredient hyaluronic acid which is present in 2% strength. This acid is well known for its great moisturizing effect and it works wonders in keeping the skin hydrated at all times. Other important ingredients of erase repair HA are as follows.


Shea Butter

Shea butter has been used by mankind since ages because of its ability to condition the skin. It adds to the viscosity of this cream.


Cetraryl alcohol

This chemical is waxy in nature and it plays important role in mixing the water and oil inside the cream.



It is a kind of protein that helps in making skin cells stronger. It prevents sagging skin which is the reason behind development of wrinkles.


Vitamin E

It is a wonder vitamin that repairs the muscles and prevents skin from looking old.


Vitamin B5

It is a very important ingredient that prevents itching, rashes, and other skin infections.


There are some more ingredients to make up this special formulation. Try erase repair HA today to remove your wrinkles.