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Raising Money from Sequoia Capital India

There are two points in every business that demand raising money from an external source and those two events are either you need to fund a start-up or you need to work out with the existing business by introducing new products and processes. However, in both of these events people try to make their moves towards the different venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital India.

Well, when it comes to asking for funds from companies like Sequoia Capital India there are a few things which you must consider initially. It is very normal for them to place their balls towards the idea of investing in the business which already exists and has a history to be considered, very rarely they are willing to invest in a startup since they do not know any past of the business nor they expect any guaranteed success. Therefore when it comes to raising money from venture capital a few things which you must consider may include the following:

  • If you are working with an existing business and need money for that, you must first check the viability of the investment first, it may happen to be a failure as well no matter from how long you are in a business. If the project isn’t viable you better not head towards any venture capitalists at all.
  • However if you are working with a startup the chances are already less for a venture capital to show up with investment but if the product has some breakthrough nature it may click their minds, so make sure that the product is unique and is efficient enough to create a demand in the market.
  • Do not come up with the big plans having no practical implication, this will be a turn off for the investors because they may analyze what is capable of being materialized and what is not.

Make sure you always consider these three crucial points always when it comes to working out with the funding task so that you may always have a high chance of investment.


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