Yoga – Some Basic Types Of Yoga is an art form, which has Indian origin. Yoga is not an ordinary exercise, which one can do anytime. Rather it is a ritual, which becomes part of your daily routine. Yoga has very positive effects on the human body and life, if done properly. If it is not properly done, it can be dangerous too. There are different schools of yoga, which have different philosophies behind them. Here we are discussing some famous types of yoga.

  • Jnana yoga: As yoga has Indian origin, the scripts of yoga are in Sanskrit. Jnana means knowledge in Sanskrit. According to this type of yoga, one should be taught about everything and knowledge has no boundaries.
  • Bhakti Yoga: It means devotion, which is very important part of yoga. A person expresses his devotion and vb love for God through yoga. Here. God is the universal energy. This type of yoga, help people to strengthen their spirits.
  • Karma yoga: Karma means duty, which is considered very important in yoga practice. It is believed that when a person performs his duties with dedication, his spiritual life gets betters and he can attain inner peace easily.
  • Laya yoga: It is known as the awakening yoga. It involves the regular meditation and breathing practice. It is about being more conscious about the surroundings and oneself.
  • Hatha yoga: According to Hindu scripts, it is believed that lord Shiva was the creator of this yoga. It involves the physical exercises, which strengths the concepts of yoga.

These are some basic types of yoga. A large number of yoga teachers are working all around the world, which are teaching yoga techniques and postures to their students. If you are looking for a relaxing exercise, peace of body and mind, yoga is for you. You can find a yoga teacher online too.