IMPATTO Fiat campaign: Winning the Hearts and Minds

Fiat is the Italian automotive company making and selling high quality cars around the world. The company left American shores 30 years ago after receiving numerous complaints from its car owners. Fiat made a comeback after a gap of 25 years in 2011 when it introduced its most popular small family car Fiat 500 in USA. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Fiat wanted to carry out promotion before its launch to leave a positive impression on the minds of the customers. Impatto was the marketing agency entrusted with this job. Impatto Fiat campaign was launched with a series of TV commercials and print media ads.


Subtle way of arousing the emotions of the audiences

The first of the ads in this Impatto Fiat campaign appeared on television. The ad starts with the original 1957 model Fiat 500 going inside a drive in Movie Theater. It was a way of telling the American people that Fiat 500 was fit for American lifestyle. Audiences then hear the popular Jailbreak Rock song sung by Elvis Presley. Before they can make a connection, a voice in the background tells you that it is only once in a while something as powerful and revolutionary in design comes along. You see the latest, 2012 model of Fiat 500 on the screen. The company tries to symbolically compare its car with Elvis Presley, the youth and cultural icon for millions of Americans.


This TV commercial proved to be a big hit as people became curious to see and experience Fiat 500. They happily embraced a product that was sought to be projected as American in every sense of the word. This campaign gave a solid footing to Fiat in North America once again. Fiat forged a strong relationship with Impatto, the marketing agency from Michigan, and this relationship is continuing till date.