Facts Related To The Samurai Sword

The ancient samurai sword was having the sharp edge and is the sole edged weapon that requires being imported from China or Korea. These swords were replaced with the curved blade in the late 8th century. The name given to the curved blade was Tachi. The reasons behind the designing of the curved blade sword can be that usage of this sword is that they are efficient in cutting the angles.

The point of the samurai sword is said to be as kissaki. Maintenance of this part is very hard as they require time for polishing. The value of the quality can be determined while looking at the point of the sword.

Types Of Samurai Sword

There is basically three type of samurai sword which includes:

  • Katana which is the longest sword for about 24 inches and used in the outdoor combat.
  • Wakizashi which is the third shorter than the Katana and it is between 12 to 24 inches. This sword is used in indoor by samurai with the purpose of grooming their skills.
  • Tanto is like the small knife and is used in the same way as that of the Wakizashi.

When it comes to testing of the samurai sword at the time of making process they are tested on the bodies of the corpse.

Things To Consider

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These all are the related facts and findings related to the samurai sword. This information will help you when you are thinking about purchasing the samurai sword.