Why Should We Consider Windows Update?

Everyone wants to use the technology properly and availing lots of benefits. It can be possible if you are following the instructions properly. Some individuals are not paying attention to all these things. With it, they do not choose the way of qasf.dll old version.

Avoiding this particular way can become a reason for lots of issues. These issues are affecting the performance of the system and offering lots of benefits. Now I’m going to explain some major reasons for choosing the way of updates.

Speed of system

For using the system and getting better results, the speed of processors or device is playing an important role. The speed of window is affected with the processor and some bugs. The update is useful in avoiding the chances of decreasing speed and some other performance-affecting factors.

Universal applications

In the updates, there are different types of applications provided by the system. Some of these applications are useful in providing lots of benefits.

Action center

If you are using window 7 or lower, then you should upgrade the system to the window 10. It provides lots of helpful features such as – action center. In the action center, the shortcuts of numerous features (like – Bluetooth) are added. As a result, the action center is useful in accessing services quickly and save lots of time.


Updating system to the window 10 can help you in availing a unique feature. The feature is related to the voice assistant. This particular assistant can help you in accessing any kind of application or feature only by saying a few words.


With the windows update, the performance of the browser also gets improved. In case the window is not getting updated then the browser start creating issues such as – suddenly no response.